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Complete Tenant Management
Keep very detailed information about each tenant. Feature information is maintained under nine major categories:
  • General Data (Name, DOB, SSN, etc.)
  • Lease Agreements and Payments
  • Contact information (Phones, E-mail and Addresses)
  • Photos
  • Incidents
  • Employments
  • Vehicles
  • Occupants
  • Notes
You can keep simple or detailed records about each tenant. Fill in only the folders that you want. This module contains a Tenant Wizard that makes adding a new Tenant quickly. Create new Lease Agreement with Lease Agreement Wizard. Recurring charges can be set up monthly, weekly, fortnightly and yearly. Image
Organize Buildings and Units
Buildings can be single family homes, duplexes or large complexes. You can easily set up your buildings and units with help of Building and Unit Wizards. You can keep simple or detailed records about each unit and building. Some things you can record include:
  • Content - keep detailed records of contents of the rental unit
  • Photos - keep unlimited number of photos
  • To-Do List - keep and prioritize a list of repairs, phone calls to return, items to buy, etc. Be reminded of chores you marked
  • Wall/Floor coverings and sizes
  • Notes - Plenty of room to record as many details as you want about each room in the unit or building
Reminder System
No more missed expired lease agreements and late rents! Be reminded of these and other priorities including:
  • Late Rent - A list of tenants who have unpaid balances
  • Lease Expiration - A list of tenants whose leases will expire
  • Work Order and To-Do Lists - All incomplete Work Orders and To-Do entries
Organize Income
Quick View of Tenant's Payment History
  • Quickly Collect Rents - Collect income typing in tenant last name, or unit number or finding name or address from a drop down list.
  • Late Fees - Choose one or more late fee types for each tenant, including: fixed amount if late, amount per day if late, or discounted rent if paid early. Late fees will be calculated for you on any charge. Late fees can be easily changed on an individual basis.
  • Income Categories - Add as many income categories as you wish. (rent, parking, furniture rental, etc.) Customize the categories to work with the type of rental business you have (i.e. association dues, storage fees).
  • Payment Details - Record payments of cash, check or credit toward charges. Apply the payment easily with one click or apply the payment to the charges any way you want, or as required by your state. For example, you can apply part of the payment to the late charge and the remaining part of the payment to a portion of a rent charge.
Use this form to record and view your expenses. You can record and view expenses based on the individual unit that the expense relates to, or you can enter an expense that relates only to the building itself. Expenses may not be associated with properties. Image
Work Orders and To-Do List
  • The work order can have one Expense related with. This expense is created automatically for the work order when the last one become to have Start Date, Date completed Contractor and Expense Account non-empty values.
  • You can search for a work order by the date, description, etc.
  • You can print a work order.
Organize Contractors/Owners/Payees
  • Contractor List - Keep track of your contractors. Search by contractor name, phone, etc.
  • Notes - Note the quality of their work, for future reference
  • If you do not see a feature listed that you want, let us know. We will add them in the next version.

    Minimum System Requirements
 CPU 1.5 GHz Pentium™ IV or compatible
 RAM  1.5 GB
 Disk Space 200 MB free
 Windows Operating System Version 7/Vista/XP/2000/2003


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