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RentBoss 4.x FAQ

Q: What does Units at property mean?
The Unit is a smallest separate manageable element.

For example, a 3 unit apartment building means it has 3 SEPARATE apartments. Single family home is 1 unit, hence the name, SINGLE family home. A condo is 1 unit, but it can be in a building complex with 2 or more other condos (units).

Q: What is difference between Single User & Client Server editions?
A: Single user is edition for one user without networking.
Client/Server is intended for several users within one local network, for access to a
database from different computers.
The price for one connection is the same for Single User and Client/Server plus every additional user connection will cost $49.

Q: Is it possible to change the currency symbol?
A: Yes! Please open Options->Preferences->Regional Settings and change the 'Currency' field.

Q: How much does technical support cost?
A: E-mail and chat support of RentBoss is free.

Q: How much do updates cost?
A: Minor updates are free (for example from 4.1 to 4.2, 4.3, etc.).
Major updates are paid (from 3.x to 4.x version). Current users have a 50% discount when purchasing an upgrade license.

Q: How to upgrade my Rentboss 3 license to Rentboss 4?
A: You need to select desired license from the Order page. Follow the Buy Now! link and enter you current Rentboss 3 license key in the 'Coupon code field' to get 50% discount.

Q: I downloaded your program and just started to use, but my 30 day trial expired.
A: You need to press 'Evaluate' button to try the program.
But if you have already installed RentBoss 4.x in the past, you can't try to use the program one more time, since we don't allow to prolongate a 30 day trial by simple uninstalling/installing the program.

Q: How to move the purchased program with a database to a new computer?
A: You need to:
1. Back up you database on the old computer (Menu File->Backup
2. Copy the backup file to a USB flash drive or to a CD/DVD disk.
3. Download and install a new version from
 to the new computer.
4. Restore the database from the drive/disk on a new computer.
(Menu File-> Restore Database).

Q: I have the Single User license and want my assistant to access RentBoss from another computer.
A: You need to download and install RentBoss Client/Server edition and purchase one additional network seat.  

Q: How to set up the Client/Server edition?
A: You need to open 4557 and 4558 ports on your server's firewall for access from the local network.

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