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RentBoss 2.5 Single User released
Wednesday, 18 May 2005
- Export of Report to TXT, RTF, XLS, HTML, JPG and BMP formats was added
- E-Mail Report button was added
- ?Can't delete Units with lease agreements on the start RentBoss? bug fixed
- 'Detailed Charges & Payments' was renamed to 'Detailed Payments & Charges'
- 'Outstanding Charges' was renamed to 'Outstanding Charges for Payment'
- A few small bugs were fixed
RentBoss 2.3 Client/Server released
Tuesday, 03 May 2005
What's New: - RentBoss 2.2 Server installation can't create share RentBoss on the server with Windows XP SP/2. In order to increase security we have removed share creation in RentBoss 2.3 Server installation and started to use more secure NetPipe connection. - Bug fixed: Backup/Restore operation doesn't shutdown clients - Some minor bugs were fixed
RentBoss 2.2 Client/Server and Single User released
Friday, 15 April 2005
What's new:
- the software was separated into the 2 editions: Single User and Client/Server
- User Rights management bugs fixed
- 'on Edit Unit, press Cancel' bug fixed
- 'on Edit Tenant, GoTo Income' bug fixed
RentBoss 2.1 released
Tuesday, 29 March 2005
What's new:
- User rights management was added (Menu File->User Rights)
- Income form was splitted into two Tabs to improve Income view: 'All Transactions' and 'Detailed Charges & Payments'
- Ability to create many payments in one day was added
- Preferences form was added (Menu Options->Preferences) with Regional Settings, Reminder, and Income Colors preferences
- was added as the second mapping service provider in Building and Unit Edit Forms (special for our UK and EU clients)
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